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An AI software for
meeting documentation.

SpeechMind supports you during information
heavy conversation in product development.

Speech recognition ai

Flawless documentation
without asking twice.


Upload and transcribe

Visualisierung Schritt im SpeechMind App

Upload the voice recording of your meeting and receive a transcript.



Visualisierung Schritt im SpeechMind App

Extract the information highlighted by the AI technology for the creation of your meeting documention.



Visualisierung Schritt im SpeechMind App

Integrate the information in your existing workflows and collaborate on the conversation with your peers.


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SpeechMind Meetings
= meetings with super-powers

Enabling better customer orientation

Capture all requirements of your customer from the conversation for user centered product development to avoid cost of intesive mistakes in development.

Increase the quality of your documentation while taking less time

Applying AI-powered information extraction to the transcript avoids time-consuming structuring of your own thoughts.

Collaborating based on the conversation

All extracted information can be read in the context of the conversation so that everyone understands the same thing. In addition, SpeechMind combines information to help colleagues who were not present at the actual meeting.

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About us

"Focus on your customer and
not on your notes." - SpeechMind

Titus Hartmann von Speechmind

Titus Hartmann

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Richard Fankhänel

Business Development

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Marlen Walther


Justus Feron von Speechmind

Justus Feron

Data Science

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